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Week 2 Fishy Five College Football Recap

We were 2-3 on the weekend.  UNC and Nebraska were easy winners as heavy chalk.  Utah, Iowa State and Troy all were losers.  Here are my thoughts on week 2:

I am so disappointed in myself for not seeing the FSU letdown.  I made a rule where I never bet a Tier 2 team against a Power 5 team, so didn’t even look at it.  Was too easy though.  FSU played their guts out, and then had a short week.  Can’t miss those…

Bama minus a tons of points vs a Tier 2 school is an auto-fade.  They just don’t run the score up.  Scary to play them in this situation, but the numbers prove it is a profitable trend.

Iowa State is so disappointing.  They doubled Iowa in yards, but were -4 in turnovers.  I still love the make-up of this team, but they laid a major egg vs Iowa. 

Need to watch the injury news.  Lots of key players got hurt this weekend.

Navy is very bad at football.

Entertaining game in Columbus.  It’s good for the game that the Pac10 has a team that is relevant.  With USC and Utah crapping the bed it is up to Oregon. Losing to Stanford got Helton fired.  Maybe the Arizona State Fighting Herms can crash the party??? 

Very excited about this week’s card.  Lots of interesting games…

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