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2020 Fishy Five Final Results

2020 finished at 45-27-1 – good for 62.5%.

The start of the season was slow, but then we had a hall of fame worthy October, sandwiching two 4-1s with three straight perfect 5-0 weeks.  We treaded water for a while before closing strong the last two weeks.

There were some valuable lessons learned in a really good season…

I love to play dogs, but picking the wrong pup will get you in trouble.  It seems like every year I tend to fade the really good teams and support the really bad teams.  I didn’t fade Alabama or Clemson last year, and I didn’t tail Kansas or Arizona.  I stuck to teams in the middle of the pack.  That seems to be my sweet spot.

History tells me that I really suck the first few weeks of the season.  Every single year I am digging out of a hole.  Need to turn that around.  I am going to spend a lot of time analyzing the types of games I pick the first two weeks of the season and try to not make the same mistakes next year.

I did a better job believing my eyes.  I noticed LSU wasn’t LSU, and I faded them often early in the season.  I also saw that Miss State was a team in disarray, and took advantage to fade them.  2020 was such a weird year because of the short off-season.  Teams in transition seemed to struggle more, and had a harder time getting out of their tailspin.  I was happy to take advantage of that.

I also placed a huge emphasis on being on the side with the better coaching staff.  The older I get, the more I realize that leadership is more important than talent.  There are certain coaches out there I absolutely love (Stoops, Mullins, Gundy, Whittingham) and those guys are great ATS.

I really appreciate everyone following.  The picks have always been and will always be absolutely free.

Here’s to a great 2020 and a better 2021.

Keep picking those dogs!

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