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2017 Fishy Five Week 1

My weekly pick are available by email only.  Go to to sign up. I lived a decade if I lived a day in college.  I studied hard, and played hard and partied harder.   I discovered the best pickup move early in my college career.  At parties, I would introduce myself to a group…

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Fishy Five 2016 Picks

2016 Season Recap: The Fishy Five finished the 2016 season at 50-56-5 on the year for 47.2%. It was an odd year. There were seven straight weeks in the middle of the season where Vegas got killed.  In fact, Vegas got killed in nine of eleven weeks during that stretch.  Favorites and public plays were…

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Fishy Five 2015 Picks

Week 1 When I was a child I had a dream.  This dream was vivid.  The dream was glorious.  It was about a young girl named Destiny.  At the end of it, I had to change my underbritches.  What a wonderful memory. This year – I vow to be a smart bettor.  I vow to…

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